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my tongue is so cold let me put it in ur mouth

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You are a
hurricane of
a girl;

to breathe
every once

and a while,
do not drown
within your
own storm.

i think i saw you smile once, Emma Bleker   (via stellablu)

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summer is real cute until every fuckin type of insect comes out of the 8th circle of hell

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I’ve realized something. With the thoughts of all we’ve gone through, I now watch you and I’ve realized something about us. As I see you laughing and grinning out of the corner of my eye I realize that I was the one that was always there. I can’t say that you’ve always been there for me, quite the opposite actually. Whenever you needed me I would be there, I would help, I would comfort you. And in the times where you’ve lost yourself in somewhere dark and lonely you would come get me and I was the one who would pull you out of one dark place, putting you somewhere much better where you could find yourself. In the dark places you realize the only one who would wholeheartedly welcome you back was me. I always left you in a better place than you were in, where you could recover quickly an find yourself quicker. But at the same time, you always left me in a place worse than before.

inspired by how i slow danced with my crush on valentines on We Heart It